360° Life Ministry by Toyin Umesiri
360° Life Ministry by Toyin Umesiri

The 360° Life Ministry

A Community for Christians Seeking God's Clarity, Purpose & Direction!

For in him we live, and move, and have our being... Acts 17:28a KJV

Our vision is to help you put God back where He belongs; at the center - the core. Everything else that we do will flow out of our relationship with our creator. The 360° Life Ministry encourages you to take a closer look at your life, evaluate it and reorder wherever you see the need. With tips and resources to help you grow your faith in God one day at a time. 

So how do you welcome the 360° Life? Follow these 3 small impact steps:

Step 1. Create a Vision of who you want to be or who you are called to be. We typically could spend our lives understanding what that needs to look like so be as broad as you need to be.

Step 2. Identify and map your life Pillars. These are areas of your life that you consider important to being fulfilled. This would look different for everyone

Step 3. Commit yourself to daily working by Faith to create your life with the Word of God and applying His principles on outputs of both Steps 1 & 2.

Join now to access practical tips, time tested resources and Biblical principles that we all need for these times. 

Everything else that we do will flow out of our relationship with our creator. 

Join to learn how to grow your faith in God; one day at a time, we will support your transformation efforts to live your life with Clarity, Purpose & Direction while leveraging the 3-Step framework; Creating your Life Vision -> Mapping your 360° Pillars -> Committing to Living by Faith.  So simple. Now let's lock hands together with others around the world living The 360° Life!


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